TCB Shorts

Our specially curated “short” videos on fundamental core concepts of finance and investing. Basic but indispensable concepts like

1. What is Inflation?
2. What do Central Banks do?
3. How do Banks make money?
4. What are Mutual Funds?
5. What is a Mortgage?
And many more…

Relevant for everyone, but specially designed for our bright, young audience. Colorful, musical, vibrant and engaging! Whoever said Finance was dull, has not seen our TCB Shorts yet! 


8. What are Bonds?

9. What do Central Banks do?

10. What are Bailouts?

11. What is a Mortgage?

12. What are Mutual Funds?

13. What is a Bubble?

14. What are Exchanges?

15. What are Credit Cards?

16. What are Hedge Funds?

17. What is Leverage?

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