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At The Credit Balance, it is our firm belief that learning finance and investing should be an integral part of everyone’s life. Finance and Investing is actually much simpler than most people think and it is our goal to make you the savvy investor you always wanted to be!
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Your complete guide to finance education and investing.

Comprehensive courses, explained in an easy-to-understand manner. Includes practical examples and real life situations, making it highly relevant and interesting.

Learn. Invest. Repeat

Our suggested approach - Nothing works better than putting your money where your mouth is! When you are studying finance and investment, we suggest you take that leap and invest alongside, even if it is a small amount. For instance, if you are learning about US Treasury Securities or Duration, invest a small amount in a US Treasury ETF and track its behaviour. Multiply your money while learning. Great, isn’t it?

Multiple Resources – all in one place

One of the biggest challenges in today’s modern world is the deluge of information available to you. Sifting and reaching the best information is time consuming and does not always result in the best outcome. The Credit Balance will provide you one stop access to the best available websites, videos and resources.

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Explore our carefully crafted and detailed — but surprisingly simple — courses. Read our curated articles on current events, flavour-of-the-month topics and other key aspects of finance and investing.
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