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30th Jan 2024

Retail Trade, Australia

Key takeaway: Retail Sales data is an important consideration for interest rate policy in most countries – and Australia is no exception. Retail Sales recorded a sharp drop of 2.7% m-o-m in December 2023 and higher than consensus expectations. Some of the sharp drop can be attributed to the fact that Retail Sales were substantially up (+1.6%) in the previous month of November. The level of total retail sales was at AUD 35.1 bn in Dec. Sales fell across all categories with Household goods falling the largest at 8.5% and Department Stores next at -8.1%.  

  • Retail Sales decreased 2.7% m-o-m in Dec 2023 (Expected -1.0%)

The Retail Trade, Australia publication presents estimates of the value of turnover of retail trade for Australian businesses. This includes all employing retail trade businesses who predominantly sell to households.

The survey includes about 700 large businesses and 2,700 smaller businesses selected by random sample. The survey is conducted monthly primarily by telephone interview.

Australian Bureau of Statistics