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31st Jan 2024

Japan Industrial Production

Key takeaway: Industrial production Indexes usually fluctuate significantly. Hence it is very difficult to make meaningful inferences based on individual monthly data points. However, generally if you zoom back, you will notice trendlines in production and manufacturing activity, shipments and inventories which turn downwards during periods of weakness in the economy and vice versa. The latest release for Industrial Production Indexes in Japan showed that Production increased 1.8% in December from the previous month. Similarly, shipments also increased 2.6%. Inventories on the other hand declined 1.2% m-o-m.  

For Japan, the indexes of industrial production capture the production, shipment and the inventory situation of the mining and manufacturing industries. The indexes enable users to perceive production activities of business establishments in mining and manufacturing, supply and demand trends of produced products, and production plans for manufacturers, two months ahead as well as production-related facilities and their operational statuses. These indexes are highly detailed and are classified by business types and goods and hence can also be used to grasp production trends. Data are published every month. The data are based mainly on the “Current Survey of Production” conducted by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Japan Industrial Production METI