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18th Jan 2024

Japan CPI

Key takeaway: The National Core CPI for Japan, which excludes fresh food prices but includes energy costs, decreased from 2.5% in November to 2.3% in December. The Index has been above the 2% BoJ target since mid 2022 and still remains a key factor in the consideration for future path of monetary policy in Japan. Even though the index has been higher than the target for a long time, the BoJ also takes note of the fact that it has fallen substantially from its 2023 high of 3.1%. The market expects the BoJ to reverse it easy monetary policy sometime this year. However rapidly falling inflation globally and in Japan makes that decision path a bit uncertain. Headline CPI reduced from 2.8% in November to 2.6% in December. Finally, “core-core CPI” which excludes both fresh food and energy costs, stood at 3.7% in December – also a drop from the 3.8% seen in November. The “core-core’ index is often seen as more reflective of the inflationary pressures in the economy and the tru likelihood of a wage-price inflation cycle. All eyes are now on the outcome of wage price negotiations in Japan in 2024.