Fixed Income Securities

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This Fixed Income Securities course aims to educate the audience with a simple yet effective delivery of basic and advanced concepts of Fixed Income Securities.

The Course is divided into the following 7 sections.
1) Key Features of Fixed Income Securities
2) Types of Issuers of Fixed Income Securities
3) Risks of Fixed Income Securities
4) Bond Pricing and Yield Measures
5) Measuring Interest Rate Risk
6) The Structure of Interest Rates
7) Yield Spreads

Apart from introducing and explaining the concepts, the course delves into numerous real life examples, illustrates current events pertaining to the fixed income securities market to make it more relevant and intellectually appealing to the audience. Moreover, educating the audience to be an informed investor is our core objective. Even if you are a student, if you invest even a small amount in a Fixed Income ETF or bond as you concurrently study Fixed Income, you will have a much better view of practical applications of the theoretical knowledge gained. Hence, the course periodically also delves into various investment alternatives in the Fixed Income space. Enjoy investing while studying !