The Federal Reserve Demystified

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This is a series of multiple videos, short blogs and supplementary materials which attempt to demystify the workings of the Federal Reserve and US monetary policy. The key objective is to help the audience understand the plumbing of the modern financial system.

Economic events in the US, changes in US monetary policy and the dynamics of the US dollar have a bearing on you, your income, your savings and your wealth. You might be inclined to dismiss this idea by simply saying – how does it matter to me? You couldn’t be more wrong. I hope this series of videos and blogs helps you understand the US Federal Reserve, US Monetary Policy and the US Dollar and its impact on global economics.

Here is a representative list of questions that you were curious about and this course will have them answered for you !
1. How low does the unemployment rate have to fall before the Fed starts tightening monetary policy?
2. Why is the Fed letting inflation run hot?
3. Even after incremental regulation post the 2008 GFC, why are financial markets still unstable?
4. How exactly does Fed conduct Monetary Policy?
5. What is Velocity of Money and why isn’t it working?
And many more….