Principles of Corporate Finance

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This Principles of Corporate Finance course aims to educate the audience with a simple yet effective delivery of basic and advanced theory as well as practical applications of corporate finance.

Corporate Finance is unarguably the bedrock of modern finance. No business in this world, no matter how good, can thrive without financing. Corporate Finance teaches you the core principles of investing and financing.

Here is a representative list of questions that you were curious about and this course will have them answered for you !
1. How do financial managers make capital allocation decisions?
2. How do investors measure risk?
3. How do investors decide what is the minimum return they should demand for making an equity investment?
4. What is Standard Deviation? And Variance? And Beta?
5. What is the CAPM Model?
And many moreā€¦.

The course also delves into numerous real life examples, illustrates current events pertaining to the public equity markets to make it more relevant and intellectually appealing to the audience.